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I cook with these tongs every single day and they have a lifetime guarantee

This handy kitchen tool has become a natural extension of my hand.
/ Source: TODAY

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Growing up in New York City in the 1980s, the only times I ever used tongs were when I filled a glass with ice for a guest's gin and tonic — hey, you grow up fast in the Big Apple.

I suppose my mixology skills developed pretty early (which is very useful in my work as a food editor now), but I missed out on finding out how fabulously useful tongs could be until I was gifted with a set later in life.

Now, I'm completely obsessed with my tongs and I can't believe I ever cooked without them.

ChefStir Kitchen Tongs with Non Stick Silicone Tips, $17, Amazon


The ChefStir Kitchen Tongs set includes 7-, 9- and 12-inch lengths — basically every size I didn't even know I needed. They're made out of stainless steel and have non-stick silicone tips and hand grips. Also, they get 4.5 stars on Amazon and have a 100 percent lifetime guarantee — but my favorite thing about them is that they're just so pretty! The vibrant color really livens things up in my kitchen and they just make me happy.

Here are a few reasons I'm convinced that they are the best.

1. They're key for my hard-boiled egg cooking method.

I recently found a new favorite way to make hard-boiled eggs that are always super easy to peel — and I wouldn't be able to do it without my tongs. I do all of my meal prep for the workweek during the weekend. Recently, I've been obsessed with fresh corn, so I boil several ears in a huge pot of boiling water. I use my trusty tongs to take out the corn and again to lower eggs into the remaining hot water. After 20 minutes, the eggs are perfectly cooked and I swear there’s something in that magic corn water that makes them insanely easy to peel.

2. Cooking salmon has never been so easy.

I’ve been obsessed with chef Frank Prisinzano’s perfect pan-seared salmon with ultra crispy skin at his New York City restaurant Lil’ Frankies since I first tasted it. I finally discovered his foolproof method and I wouldn't be able to replicate it without these tongs.

The key is to first heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a pan, then place a salt-and-pepper-seasoned filet of salmon with the flesh-side down and cook it for 4 minutes exactly. Then, using my tongs, I flip the salmon once and press down on the fish to be sure that every part of the skin gets perfectly crisp as it cooks for another 4 minutes. When I remove the filet from the pan with my tongs, I flip it one more time so the fish is placed skin-side up on a plate. After letting the filet rest for 5 minutes, I have the most perfectly pan-seared salmon that I could ever hope to eat. Also, when I cook several pieces of fish at the same time for my family and friends, I use multiple pans — and my tongs have never let me down.


3. I use them for every part of meal prep.

The 12-inch tongs are perfect for grilling and rotating roasted vegetables in the oven. I also use them for oiling my grill's grates with an oil-soaked paper towel, plus they're handy for pulling the oven rack out that always sticks in my kitchen. The medium-sized tongs with a 9-inch handle are my go-to for tossing and serving pasta and salads. And the smaller, 7-inch tongs feel like an extension of my hand because I do almost all of my stovetop cooking with them.

4. They're very easy to clean.

Unlike all-metal tongs, they don't scratch my pans and they won't get rusty after several spins in the dishwasher. Having three pairs in one affordable set also means that I don't have to wash them by hand after each different use. My kitchen is pretty small, too, but they fold up nicely and compactly thanks to a handy little sliding lock.


5. They have a lifetime guarantee.

For me, the only thing I'm sure will last a lifetime is my true love for cheese. I don't think I've ever owned any items that actually have a lifetime guarantee without a contingency — except for these pretty purple tongs.

ChefStir Kitchen Tongs with Non Stick Silicone Tips, $17, Amazon