Best. Invention. Ever. The french fry vending machine!

David Marsden/Getty Images / Today
French fries vending machine

We can probably agree on some of the most important inventions ever: electricity, telephone, the steam engine, penicillin. And we can probably also agree that one new invention pretty much trumps all of them: a new French fry vending machine currently dispensing fried potato goodness in Europe.

We kid, of course, and please forgive the hyperbole. We're downright giddy over the sheer awesomeness of the new machine, located outside a supermarket n Brussels, invented by Belgain corporation BreakTime Solutions. According to the Atlantic Cities, you give the "Corner Chips" machine €2.50, select your condiments like ketchup or Europe's fave fry topper mayo, and the machine fries the frozen potatoes held within -- finally spitting them out into a paper container for you enjoy (read: mercilessly devour) with your tiny fork and sauce packet, also dispensed. The whole process takes 95 seconds. (Granted, it would probably be the longest minute and a half of our lives.)

Our first thought: Why oh why can't this genius invention be closer to us?! Our second thought: Hmm, could these vending machine fries really be that good, given they were prepared from frozen -- oh and also, given that they came out of a vending machine? And then back to the first thought: OMG, someone please bring this brilliant invention to the U.S.!

It also gets us thinking what else we'd love to see come out of a vending machine. Cupcakes? Already available. (Thank you modern technology!) Cookies and milk? Chips and guacamole? Red wine and cheese? We're getting very, very hungry around here...

Salivate with us: What's your dream food vending machine?

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