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With Halloween right around the corner, we were looking for an answer to one of the most important food questions of all time: Which candy reigns supreme?

We ran a bracket on, asked you to vote, and you had a clear winner: Snickers!

The chocolately peanut candy bar beat out cult favorites like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which other surveys, like ones recently done by and, named the No. 1 Halloween candy. had Snickers coming in No. 2.

Halloween candy bracket

On, Snickers and Kit Kat were the final two. Kit Kat was crushed by Snickers, as the candy bar won 71 percent of the vote.

Halloween candy

TODAY staffers wrote sugar-fueled odes defending their favorite candies, so here, we bow down to Lisa Tolin, who repped for Snickers from the beginning.


When we were talking about putting together a Halloween candy bracket on, these words were heard from an editor who will remain anonymous for her own protection: “No one is going to defend, like, Snickers.”* What are you even saying? Are words coming out of your mouth? Snickers—specifically Halloween fun-size Snickers—are the perfect mix of chocolate (not too much!) nuts, caramel and some other magical substance probably properly described as nougat. There are nuts involved, so it’s probably a little nutritious (maybe) and basically the same thing as a chocolate-coveredKind bar that you would happily scarf after a workout. Okay, it’s got a lot more sugar.

(*The person heard to say this claims she did not actually say it. “I *love* Snickers,” she added. “Oh my god. I’m being maligned!” Maybe she justwasn’t herself.) — Lisa Tolin, special projects editor