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By Rachel Becker

Looking for a fun way to celebrate April Fools' Day? There is nothing more enjoyable than putting together a good food fake out to surprise your friends and family on this prank-filled day. We’ve picked out some of our favorite food pranks from Pinterest ranging from delicious and hilarious to downright mean. No matter what your prank style is, we have you covered!

The exploding cake prank


Wow your friends with what looks like a delicious cake loaded with frosting. When they go to cut into it, they'll be surprised by a frosting explosion. Talk about a tease. The prank comes together in five easy steps. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Meat and potato sundae

Family fresh meals

Fool your family at dessert time with an ice cream sundae that is secretly made out of meat and potatoes! This blogger uses crockpot BBQ chicken and cheesy mashed potatoes to make this easy prank. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Meatloaf pie

The idea room

Take one look and you see pink frosting with some sort of sweet filling, but this “dessert” is actually dinner, made out of meatloaf! The pink frosting is made out of mashed potatoes and beets. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Burger cupcakes

The cookie shop

These cupcakes in the shape and form of a hamburger look ridiculously real. One bite and you will realize you aren’t eating meat – but cake, a brownie center and frosting. A delicious surprise and an adorable treat. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Grilled cheese pound cake

A flexible life

This looks like a classic grilled cheese sandwich with white bread and American cheese, but one bite will you tell you otherwise. Make this faux-grilled cheese sandwich with pound cake and frosting. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Vegetable Lollipops

The decorated cookie

Looking for a new way to trick your kids into eating vegetables? Well, not certain this will work, but it is a perfect April Fools' day prank. They will be excited to get a delicious lollipop, and as they unwrap it, they'll realize it’s actually a vegetable. What a clever trick! Get the tutorial here. See the pin.

Chocolate ice cream hot dogs


These may look like typical hot dogs at first glance, but one bite and you will realize they are in fact ice cream with pound cake and icing. They are so tasty, and are super easy to pull together for an April Fools' day surprise. Get the tutorial here. See the pin.