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Best 5 bloody mary recipes for National Bloody Mary Day

Start off the new year (and the new decade) with a delicious and savory cocktail.

The first day of January is, of course, the start of a new year and Jan. 1, 2020 also happens to be the start of a new decade. But thankfully for brunch lovers everywhere, it's also National Bloody Mary Day.

If you're not quite ready for Dry January yet, TODAY Food has got you covered with five deliciously savory cocktails that will hit the spot after New Year's Eve.

From Carson Daly's miracle hangover cure (note: the only scientifically proven way to avoid a hangover is not to imbibe at all) to an icy, savory popsicle, these recipes will hit all the right notes on New Year's Day.

Carson Daly's Magical Hangover-Curing Bloody Mary

Carson Daly adds bread-and-butter pickle juice, hot sauce, horseradish and beef jerky to his take on the classic, spicy beverage.

"You have no idea how coveted this recipe is. This particular bloody mary might be more famous than Carson," says Carson's wife, Siri. "The fact is, this bloody mary is a highly requested beverage wherever he goes, and he has perfected it."

Gazpacho Bloody Marys

Making a great bloody mary has never been easier! Just use leftover gazpacho soup to add spice and zest to this classic brunch cocktail. To avoid a chunky drink, try pureeing your gazpacho before adding it to the glass for extra smoothness. Cilantro and sliced cucumber add the final refreshing touches.

The Captain Bloody Mary

The Captain Bloody Mary

The Captain Bloody Mary

The Darling Oyster Bar

Calling all fresh seafood lovers! Bloody marys are the quintessential morning cocktail but this version is totally elevated with shrimp, king crab and a lobster claw garnish. It's not just a drink ... it's more like a meal. When mixing up this cocktail, make sure to leave plenty of room for garnishes — you don't any of the delicious seafood toppings to be left behind.

Bloody Mary with Pickle Brine

The celery salt and smoked paprika add a whole new dimension of flavor to this zesty, spicy drink, and the pickle brine ties everything together. This bloody mary will be a new hot favorite for brunch lovers and folks looking for a spicy drink to nurse during a hangover. It has all the classic ingredients, like Tabasco, Worcestershire and horseradish, which become enhanced by your favorite pickle brine.

Joy Bauer's Bloody Mary Ice Pops

Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer puts a tasty and icy spin on the classic cocktail with her blood mary popsicles! The TODAY nutritionist calls her invention "poptails" and they have all of the savory, spicy and salty goodness you'd find in a traditional bloody mary — but they only clock in at 20 calories a pop.