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Stay cool this weekend with Chunky Monkey ice cream cake and boozy Cherry Garcia float

Turn classic ice cream flavors into a boozy soda float and chilled layer cake.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's culinary producer and food stylist Katie Stilo is stopping by the kitchen to share a few ice cream treats — inspired by her favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors — to help you cool down this summer. She shows us how to make a spiked chocolaty cherry soda float and a chilled peanut butter and banana ice cream cake.

Boozy Cherry Garcia Soda Float

Inspired by the ever-popular Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cherry Garcia, this soda float merges the flavors of the ice cream with a splash of liqueur for an adult twist! If you can't find Luxardo cherries, use maraschino instead.

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Cake

Make banana bread even better by layering it with ice cream! Chill this cake overnight to ensure clean slices of the cake when cutting. You can also make it into ice cream sandwiches instead of an entire cake, if you prefer.

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