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Ben & Jerry's ice cream lightens up with 'Moo-phoria' lower-calorie flavors

Moo-ve on over, Halo!
/ Source: TODAY

Ben & Jerry's ice cream has never been what you might call a diet food. It's so delicious, though, that hasn't stopped it from being one of America's top-selling ice cream brands.

But if you're counting calories, Ben & Jerry's has just made your life a little easier. With its new "Moo-Phoria" flavors: Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix, and P.B. dough, ice cream lovers can enjoy their scoop on for between 140-160 calories a serving. Plus, the pints have 60 to 70 percent less fat than the brand's traditional flavors.

The company noted that you might not have all of the flavors in your store this very afternoon. "It may take a while for them to land on shelves near you," the company noted on its website.

But how do they actually taste?

"This was creamier than the Halo Top flavors I’ve tried in the past — and more delicious, too," said one TODAY staffer. "However, Halo Top has the better name. Moo-phoria? Not a phrase I’d want to 'udder.'"

"These taste almost exactly like the regular Ben & Jerry's flavors I like, especially the P.B. dough flavor — it's so similar to their regular chocolate, the texture is even the same," said another taster.

"There is a very, very, very faint aftertaste of something kinda artificial," noted one taster, who tried Caramel Cookie Fix and Chocolate Milk & Cookies.

Still, most of the pints were almost gone within a few minutes after opening and many agreed that the texture was more "ice cream-like" than Halo Top or Arctic Zero flavors.

This is just the latest scoop in the battle for the tummies of calorie-counting ice cream lovers. Halo Top has recently, well, topped the list for best-known low-cal ice cream (a whole pint is 240-400 calories). Ben & Jerry's lower-calorie pints range from 560 to 640 calories, or 140 to 160 calories per half-cup serving, but the company says it's not trying to encourage customers to eat an entire pint in one sitting.

Vegan Halo Top Ice Cream
Halo there, vegan flavors!Halo Top

In September, Halo Top went even one step further, with vegan versions of some of its most popular flavors. For the record, Ben & Jerry announced their first vegan flavors in 2016.

Hey, we all know Ben & Jerry is the king (or nearly the king) of premium ice cream, but we have to admit, there is some pretty icy competition out there.

Long may the low-calorie ice cream wars reign!

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