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Start your day with coffee-chia parfaits and end it with before-bed banana bites

Start and end your busy weekday on a sweet note.

With all the chaos of getting ready, work, chores, school, breakfast, kids, pets, etc. weekdays can get messy! TV host and chef Elena Besser is joining TODAY to share her favorite make-ahead breakfast and dessert recipes to make starting and ending busy weekdays a breeze. She shows us how to make overnight coffee and chia parfaits and frosty before-bed banana bites.

Coffee Chia Parfait

This is my favorite thing to do with leftover coffee. Combine room-temperature coffee with chia seeds and a touch of sweetness for a caffeine and fiber boost you can enjoy on top of a parfait, smoothie bowl or with your latte the next day. Less waste and more taste!

Before-Bed Banana Bites

Want to fall asleep but still want something sweet? I’ve got you covered. Say hello to my toasted walnut-crusted banana "nice cream" bites. Frozen bananas are blended with coconut milk, frozen in ice cube trays and tossed in walnuts. Both banana and walnuts contain natural melatonin, making these the perfect bite-sized treat right before a good night’s sleep.

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