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Beat the bloat with this sweet and easy pre-beach breakfast

Eating certain ingredients can help you avoid bloating, something none of us wants to deal with. Try this simple breakfast parfait!
/ Source: TODAY

Today Food is joining forces with Well+Good all summer long to help you step up you food games to conquer everything from grilling your greens to de-stemming kale without a knife with step-by-step videos to show you how its done.

This week, we’re tackling something no one wants to deal with any time of year, but especially during bikini season: bloating.

The key to avoiding bloating before a beach day is being conscious of what you eat for breakfast. Filling up on probiotic-rich foods, fruit with a high-water content, and getting some fiber in will really keep bloating at bay. Check out the featured video here for a breakfast that checks all three of those boxes—and tastes delicious.

Then, head over to Well+Good for tips on what to eat—and avoid—to prevent bloating at weddings, cookouts, road trips, and everywhere else summer’s taking you.