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Bear Grylls tells us what he REALLY eats for breakfast, and it's pretty hardcore

We spoke with fearless adventurer and manly man Bear Grylls of NBC's "The Island" about what he likes to eat. And it's pretty gangsta.
/ Source: TODAY

We spoke with fearless adventurer and manly man Bear Grylls of NBC’s “The Island” about what he likes to eat when he’s not chowing down roasted crickets and goat testicles. Turns out, even his everyday eats are pretty gangsta (who among us is taking down lemon peels?). And his high-octane positivity makes Richard Simmons look like Louis C.K. in comparison.

Breakfast order: Almond milk, banana, and chia seed protein smoothie

When you’re not eating crickets, is this your go-to breakfast?

I’ll always have a smoothie like this after a workout. But I usually start my day with a blended drink I make with frozen cucumber, a massive piece of ginger — skin and everything — some frozen broccoli, half a lemon — skin and everything — and just a little water. I throw it all in the blender and blend it to death. And my wife is like, 'Shut up! Turn that bloody thing off!' But it keeps me rocket-powered for a bit.

How do you like your eggs?

I love eggs. I love all sorts of eggs. I make killer scrambled eggs. I make it Sunday night with my boys, cook It slow, let it cool, put lots of really good extra virgin olive oil all over it and it’s delicious.

Do you ever hit snooze?

I’m kind of a day person. I never call it an alarm clock, because I figure that’s negative. I call it an opportunity clock!

What’s your morning pep talk to yourself?

I leap out of bed and in a loud voice I go, ‘It’s a great day to get up and go get ‘em!’ I do a quick two minutes kneeling beside my bed to say my prayers and remember my rightful place in the world, and then we’re out the door.

While you’re eating something gross, what food takes you to your happy place?

I have quite a weakness for homemade chocolate, raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup. When I’m away from home, I crave that. It’s rich and healthy and so good.