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Barista artist draws 'Friends' in latte foam to perk you up

Micheal Breach is a virtuoso with nothing more than a toothpick and a foamy cup of coffee. His latest inspiration: The cast of "Friends."
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Breach is an artist with a latte talent. Literally!

Breach is an virtuoso at rendering faces and other images with nothing more than a toothpick and a foamy cup of coffee. And his latest inspiration, the cast of "Friends," is sure to perk you up.

Michael Breach makes "Friends" in latte foam.Elite Daily/Facebook

Breach recently made a video for Elite Daily that "espressos" his abilities, and the 1-minute, sped-up video is hardly "stuck in second gear." To the tune of an instrumental version of the "Friends" theme, "I'll be There For you," Breach whizzes through not only each member of the cast, but the logo, too!

According to Breach's website, he got started making art in foam while working "late nights as a barista at a hip Manhattan hotel.

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"When work was slow, he'd pass the extra time perfecting his latte art, using espresso and milk to express himself and create," the site continues. "Starting out with simple designs, he continually challenged himself with more and more complex images and invented all of his own techniques along the way."

And these days, Breach's ever more detailed and complex drawings are in demand all over the place: He's made everything from guitars at South By Southwest to working a little animated magic for Homer Simpson and his beloved doughnut.

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For Breach it may just be part of the daily grind... but we're drinking it all in.

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