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Baked onion rings will satisfy your craving for crunch -- without the deep fryer

There's nothing like the crunch of an onion ring. But skip the deep fryer and try this recipe for crispy delicious baked onion rings.
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing like the crunch of an onion ring—salty and crisp outside, sweet and tender inside. It's a nostalgic treat typically reserved for nights at the local burger joint or as part of a steakhouse splurge… until now.

Crispy baked onion rings
Casey Barber

If you've ever made breaded chicken cutlets, you know what to do here: simply dip, bake, and serve for the crispiest treat that never saw the inside of a deep fryer. While you can make these without the buttermilk brine and simply bread raw onions, giving your onions a little soaking time helps the coating stick more effectively as it mellows out the strong onion flavor. It's worth throwing them into the fridge overnight to get the best taste from your rings the next day.