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'Bachelorette' star suffered a major kitchen accident — and it's surprisingly common

Avocado-related injuries are on the rise as the green fruit's popularity soars.
/ Source: TODAY

Andi Dorfman may have experienced some serious heartbreak after appearing on both "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."

But that may have been nothing compared to the pain she endured after a bad run-in with an avocado last week.

"It’s all fun and games until the avocado decides to run off with your finger," the season 10 "Bachelorette" star posted to Instagram on June 5.

In the comments, several of Dorfman's Instagram fans weighed in with their own tales of avocado struggles.

"Still haven’t found the best way to tell my manicurist how my pinky ended up that way," one person wrote.

"This happened to me! Knife, avocado and the[n] there went the finger," wrote another.

"I probably needed surgery I still have nerve damage," someone admitted.

According to NBC News medical correspondent and emergency room physician Dr. John Torres, "Avocado-related injuries are more common than most people think, and the resulting lacerations to the hand can be nerve-damaging."

Thankfully for Dorfman's fingers, she got the surgery she needed and is on the mend.

"Successful surgery! Tendons and nerves have been reunited," she posted from Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Thursday. "Thanks for all the sweet messages. If only the avocado had been so kind."

For those hoping to avoid the fruit's buttery wrath, there are a few kitchen gadgets that can lend (and even save) a hand. Some — and by some, we mean 10,000 Amazon reviewers — swear by these gloves that protect your fingers from a slippery knife.

Another reviewer-approved tool, OXO's avocado slicer, does all the hard work for you with three functions in one device.

If you prefer sticking to traditional chopping methods, Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about avocado safety. Even the queen of the kitchen has admittedly sliced and diced herself a couple times in pursuit of good guacamole.

Dorfman may have confirmed our "avocado hand" nightmares but she definitely made our middle school neon cast dreams come true.

The TV star might be avoiding avocados as the weather warms up, but it looks like she'll be spending the start of summer with a stylish new hand accessory!