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This 'Bachelor' contestant's Champagne surprise went horribly wrong

This is why you don't chug from Champagne bottles.
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you’re a die-hard member of Bachelor Nation or merely an innocent bystander, chances are you’re somewhat familiar with the dramatic moments regularly cooked up on the dating series.

But the event that unfolded on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” might top the list as one of the most cringeworthy — and messy! — moments in the show's history.

During the second episode of the show’s 24th season, contestant Kelsey Weier explained that she had planned a special surprise for herself and Peter Weber, this season's eponymous leading man. But unfortunately things went horribly wrong, resulting in lots of tears and wasted Champagne.

Champagne being poured into champagne glasses
There's a reason most people drink Champagne from glasses. Getty Images

During the evening’s cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Weier revealed that she had brought a bottle of Dom Perignon (which often costs over $180) with her from Des Moines, Iowa. She’d received the pricey bottle for her birthday, apparently, and had been saving it for over a year ... to enjoy on national TV with a man who is basically a stranger, of course. Deciding that this was the right moment to enjoy it, she grabs a bucket and some glasses to make a cozy little Champagne-tasting setup by the fire.

However, in classic "Bachelor" fashion, another contestant covertly snuck in to spend some time with Weber before Weier had her chance.

As Weier details her romantic plan to the other contestants, the sound of a popping cork can be heard.

Thinking that the Champagne was a setup from show producers (or so she later claimed), contestant Hannah Ann Sluss had popped Weier's special bottle with Weber.

Cue the drama.

After storming over to Sluss and Weber, Weier accuses the other woman of intentionally sabotaging her date.

“Don’t try to play dumb. You knew,” she cries. Sluss eventually walks away but Weier is still visibly upset and won't let America forget it.

“That was my thing. That was something that was special to me and then got taken from me. That was supposed to be my moment, and she took that from me,” Weier said during her confessional.

To ameliorate the situation, Weber pulled Weier aside and presents another bottle of Champagne for them to enjoy.

When the duo realize there aren't any glasses nearby, Weier proudly proclaims that they can just drink from the bottle because she’s “not a classy bitch all the time.” What happens next makes her statement a bit ironic.

Weier proceeds to take a giant swig from the bottle, but the bubbly liquid gushes up and explodes all over her face and hair. The pricelessly messy moment has already spawned countless memes.

The explosive situation has officially gifted the world with "Champagne-gate."

While Weier certainly isn’t the first person to try drinking sparkling wine straight from the bottle, her horrifying moment is further proof it’s never a good idea.

Upon seeing the viral moment on Tuesday, Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb could not stop giggling as the clip replayed over and over during Hoda & Jenna.

“I’ve never drunken out of a champagne bottle," Jenna said. "Is there a reason? Yes. It fizzes."

“I think we’ve learned a lesson here: One, don’t travel with a bottle of champagne that you want just for yourself when you’re living in a house of 27 people. Two, never, ever drink out of the champagne bottle,” she added.

Hoda used the hilarious clip as a teaching moment for how to keep Champagne fizzy after a bottle has been opened.

“Take a long spoon after you’ve opened it, if you want to go to bed but you might want to have champagne tomorrow," she advised. "Put the long stem of the spoon into the bottle and put it in the fridge. Wait 'til the next evening … take the spoon out, pour it in your glass, and watch it fizz.”

Next time Weier opens a bottle of celebratory Champagne, we're pretty sure she'll have glasses nearby.