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'Bachelor' star roasted over her hilariously wrong pronunciation of gnocchi

The reality TV and Instagram star wasn't sure how to say the name of this Italian specialty.
Getty Images, Trader Joe's
/ Source: TODAY

Reality TV star Hannah Godwin, who starred on "The Bachelor," first fought for Colton Underwood's affection on season 23 of the hit show.

Now, she's fighting off an onslaught of criticism for how she pronounces a certain type of Italian dumpling.

Godwin, who has 1.5 million Instagram followers, recently took to the social media platform to share a video of her Trader Joe's shopping spree. In it, she pans over some asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, spicy sausage and cauliflower gnocchi.

Godwin traces her fingers over the various packages, saying the names of the foods until she comes to the bag of gnocchi. "Cauliflower," she begins hesitantly, before attempting to pronounce the following word. What comes out is, "Knaaawsssh?"

Well, A for effort ... we guess.

The Instagram story has now expired but it's been saved and re-shared all over Twitter. Though Godwin's intention may have been to inspire fans to roast some asparagus and serve it up with the Italian specialty, fans are roasting her instead.

One "Bachelor" viewer found some irony in the situation.

And some just got plain annoyed.

Luckily, Godwin seems to have maintained a sense of humor about the matter and shared the slip-up on her own Twitter.

Some tweeters stood by the 23-year-old former reality show contestant and admitted they also weren't sure how to pronounced the Italian word.

To quell any doubts, dear readers, it's pronounced "neeyo-kee," or, as Trader Joe's specifically states on its online product description, "NYOK-kee."

In Godwin's defense, there are countless foods that can be a little tricky to say. A lot of people struggle when pronouncing specialties that pop up on menus all the time, like "bruschetta" and "beef bourguignon," the latter of which is a personal favorite of celebrities like Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner.

Godwin mastered the word eventually.

But, let's be real, no matter how it's pronounced, gnocchi is always tasty.