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'Baby Shark' cereal is a thing now — here's what it tastes like

The wildly popular kids' song is now something you can eat.
/ Source: TODAY

Will Baby Shark cereal be as addictive as “Baby Shark” the song?

Kellogg’s sure hopes so.

One of the country's biggest food brands is getting ready to unleash a cereal inspired by the insanely popular song that's notoriously difficult to get out of your head. Admit it, you're already humming it right now, aren't ya?


So what exactly does a baby shark taste like?

"The 'berry fin-tastic' flavored rings are floating with marshmallows (not shark shaped, but that would be cool) and deliver a delicious splash of flavor that doesn’t miss the boat," a spokesperson for Kellogg's told TODAY Food via email.

According to the product's official packaging, the cereal rings — like the insanely popular music video with dancing kids — are brightly colored and come in three hues: pink, light blue and yellow.

According to Kellogg's, the cereal will go on sale on August 17 exclusively at Sam's Club. It will retail for $5.98 per box (which actually has two 13-ounce boxes inside it), and will be available nationwide. The cereal will then be released in Walmart stores in late September.

The rep added that there will be plenty to go around for "Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Grandma and Grandpa Shark." (Doo doo doo doo doo doo!) However, the cereal is not a permanent edition to Kellogg's lineup and will only be in stores for a limited time.

The "Baby Shark" song has been around for awhile but achieved stratospheric popularity with the release of Pink Fong's YouTube video. Since then, themed clothes, toys and bed sheets have popped up in the stores across the country. Soon, you'll even be able to dance along to "Baby Shark" in person when the whole production goes on a live tour.

Until then, diving into a sweet, crunchy bowl of shark-themed cereal will have to do.

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