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Ayesha Curry's controversial guacamole recipe is making people gag

Does cheese belong in guacamole? The internet is totally divided ... and confused.
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Guacamole is widely popular and pretty much every celebrity chef and home cook adds their own little twist to the delightful dip.

Some like to spice it up with jalapeños, others may top it with cilantro — obviously you'll never catch Ina Garten doing this! — and some people even love to add fruit.

But sometimes guacamole recipes can get really out there.

While appearing on "Ellen" this week, celebrity chef Ayesha Curry revealed that she puts a pretty controversial ingredient in her guac: cheese!

Flanked by Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston (who has well-known penchant for Mexican food), Curry appeared in a cooking segment where she whipped up summer-friendly fare that all seemed appetizing. But things took a turn when she shared her recipe for the uber-popular avocado dip.

“The way my guacamole works — and I think it’s the best guacamole — is I add a lot of fix-ins into [it],” said Curry.

5-Minute Chunky Guacamole

Her guacamole recipe started out with some of the usual suspects: avocado, garlic, red onion, cilantro, salt, pepper and lime (which is slightly controversial in itself but definitely does the trick to keep guac green).

Then came the dairy. Curry doesn't use just any cheese; she added havarti, which is a soft, cow's milk cheese that melts wonderfully — but isn't usually associated with south-of-the-border cuisine.

Both DeGeneres and Aniston didn’t know what to make of the ingredient, exclaiming “Whoa!” simultaneously. Ellen added, "That's new!"

While neither of Curry's cooking buddies seemed too put off by her guacamole recipe with all the fixings, the internet has spoken ... and many were not pleased.

Some found the idea of adding cheese to guac almost too wild to stomach.

But Curry's recipes are generally pretty delicious so even the skeptical fans were down to try it at least once.

Of course, Curry isn’t the first celebrity to cause controversy with a guacamole recipe. Garten has shared that she uses lemon rather than lime (shocker!) and actress-turned-Cooking Channel host Tiffani Theissen loves grapefruit in her guac. Also, it turns out Curry isn't the only one who likes some dairy her guac as Chrissy Teigen puts cheddar cheese in her recipe.

Havarti has a distinctive flavor and is slightly acidic, so it's understandable that its flavors may just work in a savory dish with layered tastes, such as guacamole.

Though neither Aniston or DeGeneres tried the guac (on camera), the former "Friends" star was very enthusiastic about Curry's approach to adding plenty of toppings, giving an extra-special kudos to the garlic and red onion.

At the end of the day, guacamole preferences are a personal matter, so we won't judge.