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Avoid horrible double dippers with your very own wearable sauce holder

Tyson's new dip-holding wristband may just prevent the dreaded party foul of double dipping wings, chips and more.
/ Source: TODAY

Along with sneezing on a birthday cake and getting too drink, it's one of the most universally despised party faux pas.

We're talking about the dreaded practice of double dipping: a seemingly innocent partygoer takes a bite of a snack then dips it right back into the communal sauce or dressing, contaminating the entire serving of dip and, potentially, ruining the evening for everyone.

But fear not, party people. Tyson Foods may have found a truly brilliant solution to this horrible party foul.

The Tyson Chicken Wing-Mate Wristband looks like a big smartwatch, but it’s really a small compartment that you strap onto your wrist to keep a serving of delicious dip all to yourself, so everyone at the party can enjoy as much dip as they want ... and go back for seconds, thirds and even fourths on the same snack.

Tyson teamed up with professional football player and dancing champion Rashad Jennings to create the Wing-Mate, which not only has the potential to cut down on the spread of germs (hey, it's still flu season people!) but it's also portable and hands-free. Looks like Super Bowl parties are about get personal.

“The Wing-Mate makes it possible to enjoy game day entertaining without worrying about proper party etiquette. In fact, we even encourage the triple dip when the Wing-Mate is in play,” said Tyson's senior director of marketing Duke Zandstra.

Unfortunately, this revolutionary device is only a prototype (for now) and won't be on sale in stores. However, a limited number of 300 wristbands can be scored through Tyson's Facebook page. You can enter to win from now until Feb. 2, after which 300 lucky dippers will be selected at random.

“Comment below to enter by telling us your favorite dipping sauce for a chance to win your very own Tyson Chicken Wing-Mate Wristband,” the official Facebook post says.

So, good luck, all you food fans! And just remember, if you do get a wristband, don't share it — because that kind of defeats the whole purpose.