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But why?! People are now drinking lattes out of avocados

Say hello to the 'avolatte,' a latte served in an avocado shell, and find out why one cafe started the trend.
/ Source: TODAY

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, there’s a new food trend blowing up Instagram. It’s not gaining buzz for its taste or vibrant colors, but rather for its obvious parody on millennial food obsessions.

Say hello to the "avolatte," a latte served in an avocado shell. The whole thing was created as a tongue-in-cheek idea by one coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia, but it's actually taking off — much to the cafe's surprise.

The avolatte was developed by Truman Cafe right after Australian millionaire Tim Gurner commented that young people should skip purchasing avocado toast and fancy coffee if they want to save money to buy their first home. Needless to say, the interview caused a lot of eye rolls.

Cafe manager Jaydin Nathan told TODAY Food that the avolatte is a "fun way of rebelling against the older generation who says we won't own a house because we spend too much money on avocado and coffee."

He also added even though the whole thing started out as a joke for an Instagram video, people have actually been asking for them. "We never intended to sell them, but since all the attention has come, we've had quite a few customers come in and request them."

He may be surprised, but we can't say we are — having witnessed absurd food mashups like Peeps pizza and caffeinated bagels. Call us jaded.

Nathan said that even though it's not a menu item, they'll do anything to accommodate their customers' requests, so if someone wants a latte in an avocado, "We're happy to oblige." He said they just charge for a normal coffee.

Other baristas are even making their own avolattes, although one said that, after trying it, he wouldn't recommend it.

Truman Cafe specializes in vegetarian and vegan food, along with a variety of smoothies and juice. But it looks like their latest creation (even if it was a joke) is the one that's going to put them on the map.