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People are freaking out over Atlanta mayor's dry mac and cheese

The politics of food are pretty fierce when it comes to this beloved dish.
/ Source: TODAY

It's no shocker that celebrities and politicians get a lot of attention in regards to their food habits. Just last week, "Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder had to defend his grocery cart full of vegetables. And there are certain food posts that really get Twitter going, like when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sided with those who love the divisive pineapple pizza.

But if really you want to be in the public eye, you should probably perfect your mac and cheese recipe first.

On Tuesday, a food-fueled feud arose once again when Atlanta's 60th mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, posted pictures of her beautiful Christmas feast on Twitter.

Despite the spread being plentiful with dishes she posted individually like fried fish, asparagus and curried lentils, curried chicken, jambalaya, a leg of lamb, Brussels sprouts, and plenty of cakes and desserts, people couldn't help but notice one item in particular that looked a bit skimpy: the macaroni and cheese.

It seems that Bottoms' ability to whip up one of America's favorite dishes fell short of her followers' expectations. And those fans were very disappointed, to say the least.

Tweeters posted some pretty hilarious jabs.

Some gave her an "A" for effort.

But an "F" in being prepared.

Even Stouffer's, which makes its own version of the popular dish, weighed in.

And even though Bottoms defended her recipe to tweeters, vowing that there was "nothing dry" about her mac and cheese, followers just couldn't be convinced.

Luckily, she's keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Later on Tuesday, Bottoms wrote, "This is the funniest moment of my WHOLE 2018."

Here's to more hearty laughs over food in 2019.

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