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Are frozen deep fried Twinkies any good? We tested them out

You no longer need to wait for the fair to get deep fried Twinkies, because they're now in the freezer aisle. But are they actually good?
/ Source: TODAY

Biting into a deep fried Twinkie at a state fair is a summer rite of passage. We get it. But When Hostess announced it was bringing packaged deep fried Twinkies to freezer aisles this week, we were dubious.

Deep Fried TwinkiesRachel Trobman / TODAY

It couldn't be possible to replicate the crispy treat at home, without frying them yourself, right? The TODAY Food team had to give it a try. According to the box's instructions, you can't microwave these, unfortunately, so we baked them in an oven for just 6 minutes. Then it was time to take the first bite.

Rachel Trobman / TODAY

"These are orgasmic!" one taster said. "I've had deep fried Twinkies at the fair before, and those are stale and gross. These are way better. They're like pillows of amazing-ness in my mouth. They're even better than regular Twinkies!"

Deep Fried TwinkiesRachel Trobman / TODAY

Another taster who had never eaten Twinkies (yes, really!) was also a fan of the sweets that are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside: "I really like the cream. The inside tastes like the center of a Boston cream doughnut. I really enjoy this as a warm pastry."

Original and Chocolate Deep Fried TwinkiesCourtesy of Walmart

Across the board, these Twinkies were a hit (unlike the Swedish Fish Oreos we recently tasted). And the best part is that they aren't greasy at all, so you don't have to think about all the junk you're actually eating. The deep fried Twinkies are only available at Walmart right now, and come in both regular and chocolate flavors.