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Arby's just made a carrot out of meat

Apparently, it really does taste like a carrot!
Getty Images/Arbys
/ Source: TODAY

Arby’s is keeping its promise to never serve plant-based proteins with an entirely new innovation that has a lot of people scratching their heads.

World, meet the "marrot" — a meal that looks just like a bright orange carrot, but is actually made from poultry.

“If we can make meat from plants, why can’t we make plants from meat?” Arby's inquired in a press release.


With the vitamin content of a raw carrot, the marrot — yes, that's a meat-carrot — might just trick veggie-loving diners, while also giving them a powerful protein punch.

According to the chain, the marrot "is made with Arby’s tender, marinated 100% turkey breast and a special carrot marinade made from dried carrot juice powder." The meat is molded, then cooked, sous-vide style, before being roasted in the oven. It contains over 30 grams of protein and more than 70% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A.

The marrot isn't the only vegetable-looking meat item that the brand is trying out, as the chain says other “Meatables” are being considered. However, they're all still in the development process and have yet to be tasted by the general public.

Social media reactions to the new food have ranged far and wide on the divisive dish. But many are actually quite intrigued by it.

Some tweeters even suggested their own ideas as to what Arby’s should develop next.

Sadly, for meat lovers who hate veggies but want to pretend like they're going vegan for a bit, the marrot is not currently being sold in stores. The chain is, however, quietly testing it out via invite-only samplings. Arby's has yet to announce if (or when) it will ever be available to the general public.