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An IHOP-Applebee's hybrid restaurant actually exists — here's what it serves

IBee's? AppleHop? AppleHouse? International House of Bees?
/ Source: TODAY

Contain your excitement, fast-casual food fans.

A restaurant that's a mashup of Applebee's and IHOP is officially open for business — and they serve plenty of the most popular dishes from both places.

In the lobby of a Courtyard Marriott Hotel in downtown Detroit, an eatery now exists for every pancake-obsessed, appetizer-fiend's dream. While the chains' parent company, Dine Brands, closed a handful of restaurants nationwide last year, they opened the first hybrid version of their two biggest brands late last month.

One tweeter pegged the merge as a result of IHOP's "midlife crisis," but according to Eater, the decision to merge two-into-one came from a requirement for the hotel restaurant to serve breakfast.

Since Applebee's sticks to lunch, appetizers and dinner fare, a local franchisee (TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants) developed a space that was a combination of the two fast casual chains — and it's now shaking things up on both menus.

The space, which is almost 12,000 square feet, is split into the Coffee Bar by IHOP, which serves a range of specialty coffees, plus a buffet and sit-down area where guests can order pancakes 24/7.

The Applebee's menu is available from 11 a.m. to midnight and includes appetizers, burgers, local craft brews and specialty cocktails. Guests staying in the hotel also have the option of ordering Applebee's and IHOP "to-go" boxes, which can be filled up at the buffet line.

Aside from specialty booze and boxes, the best part of this new venture may be the nicknames which, to many online, have a far better ring than IHOP's latest burger-themed IHOB stint.

IBees for lunch, anyone?

Or perhaps IHOPlebees?

IAppleHopBees is just too long.

But some think the flavor combinations may just get too confusing.

The new hybrid chain has also coined the term "Roomside To Go," so guests can keep eatin' good ... in the hotel.