Cozy up with Anthony Bourdain's Sunday gravy with sausage and rigatoni

I was always bitter that I wasn't Italian American. You know that scene in Saturday Night Fever, where Tony Manero is eating with his family? All the yelling and the smacking? That looked good to me.

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We were discouraged from talking with our hands at my childhood dinner table. Voices were supposed to be maintained at a reasonable level and used for civil discourse only. Definitely no smacking. Mopping sauce with bread — getting too physically involved with our food at all — was something my mom was unlikely to approve of.

So, this Italo-American Jersey classic — a riff on the Napolitano strategy for (a) turning a bunch of bony, low-quality off-cuts of meat into something delicious, and (b) stretching one thing into two courses — is a realization of all my childhood yearnings.

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Sunday Gravy with Sausage and Rigatoni
Anthony  Bordain's Sunday Gravy with Sausage and Rigatoni
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