Anchors feel the burn in stein-holding competition

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Al Roker, Jenna Wolfe, Kim Kardashian and Hoda Kotb start feeling the burn from holding their steins.

What says Oktoberfest more than having a beer stein-holding competition? It's called masskrugstemmen, and the rules to this century-old Bavarian sport are simple:

Rule No. 1: You spill the're out

Rule No. 2: Hold the stein straight out parallel to the floor without lifting it too high or too low. Last man standing wins!

It’s not as easy as it looks – each one weighs more than 5 pounds.

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Can Al take the heat? Sadly, no.

TODAY anchors and staff got in on the fun and held a competition on the plaza on Friday. Star Kim Kardashian was the first to bow out, and Hoda, arm shaking, quickly followed.

While we were sure Jenna Wolfe (who rocks guns we all envy) would take the title, it wasn't to be. One-by-one, the competitors forfeited, with Savannah crouching down in shame when she realized it was over. Ann Curry stayed strong as long as she could, but ultimately, she said, “I just want to drink it.”

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Competitive Savannah Guthrie is bummed when she forfeits.

No one could hold a stein to Vlad Kunca, a former champ who made it through to five minutes and six seconds. He said his personal record was nine minutes!

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And it's former champ Vlad Kunca for the win.