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This is America's favorite sandwich

One sandwich surpassed all the other combinations of meat, cheese and salad between bread.
/ Source: TODAY

What is America without its most glorious lunchtime staple — the sandwich? And more importantly, what is America's favorite?

To find out, YouGov, a data company that researches public opinions around the world conducted a survey and the created a ranking of American sandwich preferences. Coming in first with 79% of the people's vote, perhaps unsurprisingly, the grilled cheese surpassed all the other combinations of meat, cheese and salad between bread. Really, though, does it get much better than ooey-gooey melted cheese between two buttery, crisp slices of hot bread?

The survey results were based on a questionnaire issued to 1,223 adults ages 18 and older online between July 12 and 15. The sandwiches that received the largest percentage of "really like" or "somewhat like" responses, made the ranking of favorites.

The 15 sandwiches that made the list included one topped with bacon, one with only bacon, some with meatballs, pulled pork and tuna and, of course, peanut butter and jelly. Coming in at a close second with 75% likes, was the grilled chicken sandwich, which tied with another classic of the deli meat persuasion: the turkey sammie.

The TODAY anchors weighed in on their favorite sandwiches and Dylan Dryer is also a big fan of turkey, though she prefers it with a Thanksgiving spin: fresh turkey, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce from a can.

Craig Melvin is all about a sandwich that was actually missing from the list — chicken salad, lettuce and tomato on whole-wheat toast. A classic.

As for Savannah Guthrie's lunch of choice, she loves a big, fluffy roll topped with ham, cheese, avocado, mayo and spicy mustard.

On social media, folks had a thing or two to say about YouGov's findings and their favorite sandwiches.

Certain Twitter users doubted the validity of the bacon sandwich.

While others completely supported it being the only filler.

One tweeter couldn't believe the French Dip was last.

Maybe it'll get a bit more credit next year.