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/ Source: TODAY
By Aly Walansky

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While many of us invest in Amazon Prime for fast, free shipping and access to movies on demand (and if you don't, you should: they're offering a free 30 day trial membership now), it looks like the service just got a whole lot more exciting — as in, it’ll now save us a cold-day trip to the grocery store.

Amazon has expanded their Amazon Prime offerings in order to include same-day and one-day shipping on thousands of products, including those from Whole Foods!

Better yet, many Whole Foods 365 products, meat and alcohol are now available via Prime Now, a 2-hour delivery service offered to Prime members.

A quick glance at Prime Now shows Whole Foods 365 items with prices that are consistent with in-store purchases:

365 Everyday Value 100% Recycled Paper Towels, $7, Amazon

Four-Cheese Thin Crust Frozen Pizza, $4, Amazon

This is not to be confused with the pre-existing Amazon Fresh program, an upgraded extension of your existing Prime account for an additional $14.99 monthly charge, which has fresh produce and meat options. But this will now include Whole Foods items, too.

365 Everyday Value Organic Large Brown Eggs, $4, Amazon

365 Everyday Value Organic Garlic Granules, $2, Amazon

There is a minimum, though: You need to have at least $35 worth of groceries in your cart to score same-day shipping or one-day shipping.

When Amazon bought Whole Foods, we were hopeful for some synergy between the brands, and we’ve already seen it in the form of lower prices. And now Amazon is giving other grocery delivery services like Instacart and FreshDirect a run for their money. Let the online grocery wars commence! We'll just be sitting at home, snacking away, waiting for our groceries to arrive.