Alton Brown's 'grilled grilled cheese' sandwich will blow your mind


Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of life’s most comforting, hit-the-spot foods, yet the name is actually quite misleading: The cheese isn’t grilled at all. It’s melted, yes…but grilled, no.

Celebrity chef Alton Brown, best known for his Food Network show, “Good Eats,” recently brought this discrepancy to light. But he didn’t just point out the white lie inherent in the name — he decided to seek out the truth by grilling the cheese itself. He is a man of action.

In a video demo of his new technique, Brown grills the grated cheese on a metal spatula (technically griddling the cheese, but we’ll cut him a break) and grills the bread separately.

He then assembles the sandwich and wraps it in aluminum foil, only to grill it all one final time (for good measure).

Watch the video to see for yourself. (Disclaimer: it will blow your mind).

Seems like a great way to become the most popular person at summer barbecues!