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All-you-can-eat fries? New McDonald's franchise to offer unlimited spuds

The franchise owner dubbed it the "McDonald's of the future."
/ Source: TODAY

We have some spudtacular news for McDonald's fry fans: A new franchise in St. Joseph, Missouri will soon offer all-you-can-eat fries!

If that's news to you, it's time to ketchup: The 6,500-square-foot location will not only offer unlimited servings of the irresistible shoestring delight, but also customizable sandwich and dessert options, board and video games, and couches.

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Customers will be able to order from kiosks, and one of the restaurant's 85 employees will bring your meal to your seat).

"Today’s customers seek a comfortable and inviting atmosphere," owner Chris Habiger told the St. Joseph News-Press. "So we’re committed to providing a modern look and feel to this restaurant."

Habiger's "McDonald's of the future," as he dubbed it during a news conference, may be just what the mega-franchise, which was founded in 1940 and has over 36,000 restaurants worldwide, ordered. In recent years, a turn to healthier eating has taken a bite out of profits, and attempts to provide more health-conscious foods (like wraps and salads), haven't gone over so well. But recent innovations — like providing an all-day breakfast menu — have helped boost the stock price.

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So consider this the latest attempt to fry something new on for size. But you're going to have to wait a few more months for your golden (arches) opportunity: the restaurant won't open until July.

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