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Aldi just launched 3 copycat dipping sauces inspired by fast-food chains

At under $2 a bottle, these sauces are worth adding to your refrigerator door.
Red bag chicken has met its match.
Red bag chicken has met its match.TODAY Illustration / Aldi
/ Source: TODAY

Aldi fans, rejoice! There's a new trio of copycat fast-food sauces in Aldi stores and they're the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of Aldi products, from fan-favorite "red bag chicken" to any of the other breaded chicken tenders.

The Aldi-exclusive Burman's dipping sauces are available in limited quantities in stores starting on June 30. They're selling for under $2 per bottle, so it's totally doable to stock up on all three flavors — Chick'n Dipp'n Sauce, Polynesian Sauce and Special Sauce — on your next Aldi run.

TODAY Food tried the three fast-food–inspired sauces and our clear favorite was the Polynesian Sauce, which is a dead ringer for Chick-fil-A's version of the sweet and sour condiment. Our runner-up was Chick'n Dipp'n sauce, which was pretty darn close to Chick-fil-A sauce, if not a bit smokier.

Aldi's Special Sauce, inspired by McDonald's Big Mac sauce, was our least favorite. While tasty enough, it seemed a bit thinner and heavier on the mayo flavor than the McDonald's version.

In The Aldi Nerd Facebook group, one member who was lucky enough to find the newly released sauces in her local Aldi store early, gave each sauce a rating, and we'd have to agree with her final report.

"Polynesian: I couldn't tell a difference between it and Chick-fil-A," wrote Kierston Nelson, who rated the sauce a 10/10.

Nelson also gave Aldi's Chick'n Dipp'n sauce a high rating of 7.5/10.

"It compares well to Chick-fil-A sauce," she wrote, who tried each sauce by dipping Aldi chicken nuggets into it, wrote in her post.

Nelson shared our sentiments about the Big Mac copycat sauce.

"I thought it would taste like Big Mac sauce but not really," she wrote. "I got my husband to try and he said it tastes like spicy mayo to him. 1/10."

Nelson, who lives in Burnsville, Minnesota, says as an avid "Chick-fil-A goer," she was thrilled to find the sauces at Aldi.

And, she says commenters on her post helped shed a bit more light on what they thought the Special Sauce tasted like.

"I was expecting Big Mac sauce or even Zax Sauce from Zaxby's but it was neither of those," Nelson told TODAY Food. "A few people in the comments mentioned it might be closer to In-N-Out's burger sauce, but I've only ever had In-N-Out once over 10 years ago so I don't remember it."

Other group members commented on Nelson's post sharing homemade recipes for the sauces, and Aldi provided TODAY with similar recipes earlier this year. And, while it's fun to attempt to make sauces at home, there's something to be said for the ease of pulling a $1.89 squeeze bottle of sauce out of your refrigerator door when you're in the mood for dipping.

The Burman sauces will be available in Aldi stores indefinitely but are subject to availability. If you're a fan of Aldi and its Kirkwood family of chicken products, it's a good idea to plan an Aldi trip this week to secure bottles of your own before they sell out for the time being.