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People are making beautiful — and bizarre — creations with Aldi pie crust

Aldi fans are making creative — and sometimes, creepy — things with store-bought pie crust.
"This will haunt my dreams and I'm OK with that," said one commenter.
"This will haunt my dreams and I'm OK with that," said one commenter.Chelsea Sutton, Susan Perazzini / Facebook
/ Source: TODAY

From knock-off Chick-fil-A sandwiches to adult Capri Suns, there's not much Aldi shoppers can't do using ingredients found in the aisles of the grocery store.

But it's store-bought pie crust that is most recently getting an upgrade from Aldi fans — and the results are creative … and, sometimes, creepy.

Chelsea Sutton, a stay-at-home mom from Kansas, started creating intricately designed pie crusts using store-bought crusts from Aldi after watching "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell" on Netflix.

"I loved her creative spooky ideas and had to try for myself," Sutton told TODAY Food, explaining that she creates her pies by tracing stencil patterns onto pie crusts and then slowly cutting them out with a knife, toothpick or cookie cutters. "After creating a few designs, I wanted to challenge myself."

Sutton's challenge to herself was an intricate pie crust that shows a dragon in-flight, soaring over beautiful flowers. On a whim, Sutton shared her creation on The Aldi Nerd Facebook group and its members fell in love.

"To my surprise, after only two minutes, over 2,000 people had already responded," said Sutton. "I loved seeing the other pies that were shared and was amazed by all the kind comments."

Chelsea Sutton's baked dragon pie.
Chelsea Sutton's baked dragon pie.Chelsea Sutton

In days following her post, Sutton received over 34,000 reactions to her dragon pie. Among the commenters was Susan Perazzini, a mom of four from Tennessee who shared a slightly different pie: A chicken pot pie designed to look like a bruised face that she called a "chicken pot to the eye pie."

"Yours is much prettier than mine," Perazzini joked in her post.

Perazzini says her pie was "a mad mind meandering" that was a silly way to cheer up her son, who was the captain of his high school wrestling team during his senior year.

"Wrestling is not for the weak of heart," said Perazzini, "and most days he would come home with a shiner, eye puffy and swollen."

While making chicken pot pie containing fresh vegetables, thyme and grilled chicken, Perazzini says she decided to make the pie look like a bruised face.

"I took the top layer of the dough and tore a hole right about were the swollen eyeball was and I started to peel off pieces of dough and shape them into an eye and lips," said Perazzini. "I used an olive for the eyeball and then I stepped up the crazy by mixing the egg wash with a little food dye."

Other members of the Aldi Nerd community shared their own versions of fancy pies made from Aldi crust, but Perazzini's creation took the cake … for hilarious comments.

"This is terrifying and I love it," said one commenter.

"This will haunt my dreams and I'm OK with that," said another.

Perazzini says her husband was equally traumatized by the pie, which she served with rice and a salad that night.

"The look on his face was actually much funnier than the Facebook comments," said Perazzini. "I was just being silly but at the end of the day, it was to make my son smile. Sometimes, that's about all you can offer your child to help them over whatever it is they may be going through — a chicken-pot-to-the-eye pie and a smile."