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Aldi just came out with cheese-filled ornaments for Christmas

It's going to be a very cheesy holiday.
/ Source: TODAY

In the days of yore, festive folk would hang candles and clementines on their Christmas trees. But it's 2019 — about time we started decorating trees with cheese.

Aldi wants its customers to delight in dairy this holiday season — and not by selling mac and cheese-flavored candy canes (phew!) — with its newly launched ornaments filled with cheese. Available in stores nationwide Wednesday, according to an Aldi spokesperson, the ornaments cost $4.99, which isn't too shabby for four mini-blocks of cheddar cheese and an ornament.


Anyone else feeling like they just turned on a cheesy (heh) romantic Christmas movie? Same.

For those interested in decorating with cheddar (no, not that kind), people can choose from two designs: both clear plastic balls, one with a white snowflake and one with an outline of a triangular Christmas tree that's actually a wedge of a cheese.

Inside, the ornaments contain individually wrapped cheeses, two mild cheddar and two grass-fed aged cheddar. Both are white cheeses, so you and your guests don't have to spend the night debating the difference between white and yellow cheddar. To get to the cheese, the plastic ball actually comes apart into two pieces that can be put back together with cheese refills, chocolates or any other Christmas-y crafts. So don't go smashing it open with a hammer ... you could smoosh the cheese.


Hungry for more? The cheese ornaments are part of Aldi's Food Week, which are all limited-time items. In addition to its wine and cheese advent calendars that launched in November, the store also debuted a different kind of calendar Wednesday that counts down to the New Year. It consists of seven (6-ounce) bottles of sparkling wine to pop each night (at midnight or maybe just after work) between Dec. 25 and Dec. 31. Each calendar costs $24.99. To note, these are only available in stores that sell alcohol.

Cheese lovers can also keep their eyes peeled for festive cheeses shaped like Santa and snowmen, which launch Wednesday, and other holiday-themed items, like brioche bread shaped like a Christmas tree, to launch the week of Dec. 11.

Because, really, what's a cheesy ornament without a warm Christmas tree brioche with which to eat it?