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Al Roker makes a super simple rack of lamb for the perfect Easter dinner

He keeps it simply seasoned with only salt and pepper.
/ Source: TODAY

One way to stay sane during self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic is to get busy in the kitchen. And who better than to watch cooking up a storm than our very own Al Roker?

Whether you're meal prepping and freezing dishes or putting those extra hours normally spent commuting into an extra special family dinner, making food is a wonderful way to exercise creativity, focus and learn some new skills. Al Roker often shows our TODAY family how to enjoy the art of cooking and when he's stuck at home, even under difficult circumstances, it's no different.

In an episode of what he called "Self-Isolating Kitchen," Al gets to work in his kitchen with the company of his wife, Deborah Roberts.

Al announced to his wife (and his virtual audience) he would be roasting some potatoes, a rack of lamb and zucchini — an ideal Easter meal.

"Yeah, I love zucchini," his wife said encouragingly, though the adorable couple made it clear she'd stick to the sidelines.

"I feel like I should be helping you," Roberts said as she sat beside him reading the newspaper.

"Um, why should today be any different?" Al jested, which was followed by a bout of laughter from both parties.

Even if rack of lamb wasn't on the grocery list when you stocked up, many stores remain open for a quick grab-and-go from the meat section. And if it's not possible for you to make it to the store, it's still fun to learn a new technique from Al.

"So, I've put some olive oil on these two racks of lamb, a little salt," Al instructed, adding some generous cracks of pepper, too. "Season on both sides."

Next, Al seared the lamb in an oven-proof frying pan and, in another frying pan, he added some olive oil and minced garlic and a few chunky zucchini slices.

"One of the things I like, instead of doing salt and pepper with my vegetables, I like to do a combo of this herb sea salt from Dario the butcher, and I like to throw in some red chili flakes, pepper flakes," Al said, adding the mixture to his zucchini with another splash of olive oil.

Al diced the potatoes and added them to a sheet pan to roast and then transferred the rack of lamb in its pan to the oven. After a little while in the oven, his meal was complete.

"Rack of lamb, roast potatoes and sautéed zucchini and garlic," Al said. "Dinner tonight!"

A perfect Easter dinner, indeed.