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Jenna Bush Hager dishes to Al Roker about the 'cheesy' secret to her marriage

On a special edition of "COLD CUTS," the TODAY Show contributor and Keir Simmons made their signature sandwiches.
/ Source: TODAY

Al Roker always has a pretty impressive spread on his new web series "COLD CUTS," and on Wednesday, he put Jenna Bush Hager and Keir Simmons' sandwich-making skills to the ultimate test.

While guest co-hosting Megyn Kelly TODAY, Al challenged his colleagues to create their own signature subs.

"Today I am going to help my pals pile on the questions and the meats together. As we make our favorite sandwiches we're going to find out a little bit more about each of you," Al said.

First, the trio started with the base of their sandwiches.

"Well OK, what I'm going to do to, is I'm going to go full British," Keir said. "I'm going to start with ..."

Al cut in, "Something tasteless?"

Keir laughed and replied, "exactly," and grabbed two slices of plain white bread.

As Keir and Jenna got their bread bases set up, Al asked each of them how they got their start in television.

"Every step of the way, I'm pinching myself. How lucky are we to be here," said Keir, who began his broadcasting career in radio.

"I was on the show making a shrimp po’ boy," Jenna recalled. "If you remember correctly, and my first show was with you actually almost 11 years ago in Dallas."

But during this live edition of “COLD CUTS,” Jenna decided to opt for something sweet — instead of savory — and made a sandwich with peanut butter, banana and Nutella: a favorite of her 5-year-old daughter Mila.

Jenna also opened up about motherhood when Al asked his TODAY co-hosts about any setbacks they’ve had.

"Well I mean, I have setbacks every single day. I think to be human is to fail and I think it's how you address 'em," Jenna said. "I mean as a mom, don't y'all feel like everyday you're doing something wrong? But I feel like those [mistakes] are what make you human, make you feel."

"Ya know I was gonna tell you a secret, most people don't really know this," Keir said. "I first worked early on in British morning television. I worked three months and I was fired. I was that bad ... Ya know, I'm pretty bad now but I still have a job."

When asked about her cheesy quirks, Jenna shared an adorable secret about her marriage: She and her husband leave Post-it notes to each other on the bathroom mirror.

"That's cheesy," she admitted, "but it also makes my day!"

Keir and his wife keep it cheesy by "holding hands," he told Al — who grabbed Keir's hand as they finished making their sandwich creations.

While Keir enjoyed a very British cucumber sandwich cut into rows with the crust sliced off, Jenna forced her sweet treat in Keir's face for a swap.

These simple sandwiches are definitely crowd-pleasers but not every celebrity guest holds back on the toppings.

On the first episode of “COLD CUTS,” comedy legends Cheech and Chong shared their favorite memories and satiated their munchies with two very different, but very meaty subs. And when Al got the scoop on early 2000s boy-band drama from 'N Sync's Lance Bass, they created sandwiches using French toast, truffles, pulled chicken — with a topping of fettuccine Alfredo from the Olive Garden!

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