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Adam Rippon recalls his wildest fan encounter — and has Al Roker in stitches

The award-winning figure skater certainly doesn't hold back as he reunites with Al Roker to make his dream sandwich.

In second episode of season two of Al Roker's original series "COLD CUTS," Al welcomes one of his favorite Olympians, figure skater Adam Rippon, onto the show to discuss the athlete's inspirational outlook on life — and his time in the spotlight after skyrocketing to fame in 2018.

Quite the record-breaker, Rippon was the first openly gay U.S. male athlete to medal in the Winter Olympics and the first openly gay celebrity to win "Dancing with the Stars."

For his sandwich, Rippon creates a pickle, salami and pepperoni-filled taco with hummus, spicy Sriracha mayo, cheddar, coleslaw and tomatoes. The superstar athlete dubs his creation a "Cry for Help," as it's an ode to the type of sandwich he used to make after fasting for competitions.

A year after his historic Olympic appearance, Rippon gets real as he talks about what really went down in the Olympic Village, what it was like growing up as the oldest of six kids (just like Al!) with a single mother, and the best — and strangest — fan encounters he's ever experienced.

Al is piling on the meats and piling on the questions ... and laughing. A lot.

Whether or not you believe tacos are sandwiches, you should sample his spicy creation:

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