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Adam Rippon, Ina Garten and Guy Fieri all love this fast-food restaurant

The Olympic figure skater discusses Leslie Jones, In-N-Out Burger and more during his victorious Hot Ones challenge.
/ Source: TODAY

It was tale of fire and ice. Well, mostly fire.

During his first appearance on First We Feast's "Hot Ones," figure skater Adam Rippon devoured the hot wings, and the questions, like a true champion.

While chowing down on increasingly spicy chicken doused in hot sauce Rippon revealed some pretty great stuff including an unsuccessful stint in Little League, his true feelings on Leslie Jones and the magic of In-N-Out burgers.

When asked about the pressure of competing in the Olympics, Rippon said the arena felt like any other but the media attention made it daunting. The skater said he likes to have a little fun with the press and be "a little trashy," but admitted one person in particular really got into his head.

"I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I was heading into some jumps and I was like, 'If I f--- up, Leslie Jones is gonna be like blasting my a-- on Twitter,'" Rippon said of the Saturday Night Live cast member, who achieved viral success with her hilarious live coverage of the games on social media.

"She didn't, though, because I didn't mess up," Rippon added with a smirk.

The conversation then shifted to food, where Rippon recalled how he and fellow Olympian Mirai Nagasu sat crying and eating In-N-Out burgers after not making the 2014 U.S. Olympic Team.

“If you were eating a Double Double now with the same magical impact on your life, where do you think you’ll be four and a half years from now?” Evans asked.

“All I have to say is those In-N-Out meats, those are magic meats,” Rippon said. “So basically if you are depressed, eat a burger and four years later you’ll go to the Olympics."

Rippon isn't the only celeb who believes in the magic of In-N-Out. Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa herself, admitted to loving the California-based fast food chain (a confession rumored to be in line with the cravings of Garten's culinary inspiration Julia Child).

Other celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri, Padma Lakshimi, Anthony Bourdain and even Gordon Ramsay, have praised the West Coast burger joint.

"People think Americans are obese and burgers are bad for them — they are delicious. In-N-Out burgers were extraordinary. I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing again to take away," Ramsay told First We Feast.

After praising In-N-Out's "magic meat," Rippon addressed one hot topic after another without pause ... except to swallow sauce with increasingly high Scoville units.

"Does this count as cardio?" Rippon jokingly asked "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans as he tackled one incredibly spicy wing.

"Just the kind that gives you top abs," Evans joked.

As Olympian in great shape Rippon probably doesn't need extra hot sauce cardio, but he carried on anyway to complete the challenge.

"I saw the Olympian in you," Evans said after Rippon polished off his final wing, smothered in extra heat. "I saw the mind over matter, I saw the guy who would go in for extra bites even when he was at his edge. And now look at you with a glow, with a shine. Its like the podium all over again."

"I'm floating," Rippon said.