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Adam Richman upgrades childhood favorites: Sloppy Joes and French dip sandwiches

Lunchtime just got a lot more exciting, thanks to Adam Richman.
/ Source: TODAY

TV host, cookbook author and sandwich aficionado Adam Richman is joining TODAY to share a few of his favorite lunchtime classics with delicious twists. He shows us how to make a chili Frito pie and sloppy joe mashup, crispy onion rings with smoky paprika seasoning and chicken Française sandwiches with a lemony white wine and butter dipping sauce.

The sloppy Joe sandwich and Frito chili pie are two icons of American comfort food. Combining them brings out the rich, saucy meatiness of the former and the crunchy, cheesy gooeyness of the latter. Add the creaminess of sliced fresh avocado and the sharp, tangy bite of pickled red onion and you've created the ultimate flavor bomb.

Smoked Paprika Onion Rings

Entrees with big bold flavors, such as artisanal sausages, burgers and roast dinners, need a side dish that will stand up to those flavors with bold flavors of its own and a great textural difference. With these onion rings, smoked paprika pairs so beautifully (and the combination of those two ingredients actually enhances many dishes) and makes them disappear as fast as I can make them. And while you technically don't need a dipping sauce, a little ranch never hurt anyone!

Française Dip Sandwich

Lemon, white wine and butter are a holy flavor trinity that works well with nearly any protein. But the umami of the eggy dredge on the chicken, the way the lemony scent and flavor just lifts the dish and makes a hearty sandwich feel light and fresh. The delicious contrast between sweet ham, slightly sour cornichons (or gherkins), and crunchy watercress will hit your taste buds from every angle. And who doesn't love to dunk a delicious sandwich? Instead of the beefy, brothy au jus commonly found with classic French dip sandwiches, this recipe provides a looser version of the traditional Française sauce, thinned with chicken stock, yet still buttery and lemony for a decadent dip with a French accent.

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