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Adam Richman makes tangy tenders and chorizo sandwiches for game day

Gear up for Championship Sunday with flavorful finger foods from Adam Richman.

In the latest installment of our TODAY Food Loves Football series, TV host Adam Richman is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to serve up some mouth-watering foods for Championship Sunday, when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Baltimore Ravens, and the Detroit Lions go up against the San Francisco 49ers. For his tailgate, he going for tangy, tahini-coated chicken tenders and a “sloppy 'Zo” sandwich inspired by Argentine choripán and his childhood favorite sloppy Joe.

Tangy Tahini Tenders

I think I am in my sesame era right now. I used to only really think about sesame seeds as a garnish or a bagel topping back in the day, and if I wanted to add sesame flavor, I used to only use sesame oil. But now I’m really embracing the versatility of this amazing ingredient, and I think it adds a really cool mouthfeel and contrast to the spice and sweetness of this dish. I also love using that technique of dipping the battered chicken in water to make it crispy. From the outer glaze to the very center of the chicken, these tenders are loaded with flavor.

Sloppy 'Zo

I've been fortunate enough to travel to Argentina not only to see the winemaking process at Alamos Winery, but also to sample the gamut of Argentine food, from fine dining to the amazing street food — in particular a sandwich called choripán I had outside a football stadium in Ciudad Lanús. The name itself is a hybrid of “chorizo” and “pan,” the Spanish word for bread, which are its two main ingredients. The one I sampled had the bread toasted alongside the grilled sausages, which allowed the bread to be flavored by all the oils, spices and sausage drippings. This version is a combination of the choripan and an all-American sandwich from my youth: the sloppy Joe. I was incredibly surprised to see provolone used in such abundance in Argentina, so I also made the bottom slice of the sandwich somewhat of a provolone garlic bread. And the cold tomato, avocado and onion topping I've added is inspired by the stuffing for a Mendoza desert dish I tried called trucha en la masa. My advice is to keep the veggies as cold as possible before adding them at the very last minute. The contrast of temperatures and textures is just awesome.

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