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9-year-old adorably remixes popular Lizzo song to sell Girl Scout cookies

The only truth that hurts here is how good those cookies are!
Amory Vargo from Westerville, Ohio remixed Lizzo’s hit song "Truth Hurts" in order to sell more Girl Scout cookies for her troop.
Amory Vargo from Westerville, Ohio remixed Lizzo’s hit song "Truth Hurts" in order to sell more Girl Scout cookies for her troop.zak vargo / YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

From rebranding the iconic Samoas to Jason “Momoas” to setting up shop outside of a marijuana dispensary, some Girl Scouts sure know how to cleverly sell their cookies.

A 9-year-old from Westerville, Ohio joined in on the fun and remixed Lizzo’s hit song “Truth Hurts” in order to sell more cookies for her troop.

Amory Vargo uploaded her version of the song to YouTube on January 11, garnering over 24,000 views since then. In the video, Vargo features her own lyrics about the cookie flavors to the tune of the pop hit.

Vargo's mother, Samantha, told TODAY that her daughter makes a music video each year and had been trying to figure out what song she should remake this year.

"She played around with a few popular songs before landing on this one, but when she thought of it the lyrics just started flowing," she explained. "It was pretty easy for her to piece it together once the ball started rolling. "

Her daughter is a big fan of the 31-year-old powerhouse singer, which led to the clever marketing technique.

"She really loves Lizzo," she said. "We talk a lot about the meanings behind songs, and we listen to Lizzo at home. I really love the message Lizzo shares about loving who you are, being independent. It resonates well with a young girl I feel, being comfortable with our bodies is so important, and so difficult, in the modern age."

Vargo's parents are proud of their daughter and hope that the video inspires other young entrepreneurs.

"There is a lot of cookie competition out there, and we certainly do not want to take sales away from any other girl out there hustling sales for her troop," her mom explained. "We hope that by this video going big other girls will see it and the wheels will start turning for them in other ways to market. Heck, even just getting consumers to think about cookies and reach out to Girl Scouts they know!"

Girl Scout cookie sales help the troops fund outings and service projects. Vargo's goal this year is to sell 2,020 boxes of cookies in order to get an opportunity to spend a week at a Girl Scout camp during the summer.