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Eat your heart out with 9 over-the-top food bouquets for Valentine's Day

Hope you're hungry for love!
Olive Garden/ Boston Market
/ Source: TODAY

Jewelry, candy conversation hearts and a five-course dinner with lobster may have been the secret to a romantic Valentine's Day in the past. But in 2020, it's all about bouquets — food bouquets!

To meet the increasing demand for Instagram-worthy moments, food purveyors and creative individuals are finding new ways to incorporate delicious delicacies into floral-like arrangements.

Last year, a New Jersey pizzeria sold a cheesy "floral" arrangement for pizza-obsessed couples and at the Taco Bell Chapel in Las Vegas, brides can walk down the aisle holding a handful of hot sauce.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many popular eateries have created the perfect gifts to cater to that special foodie in your life. We just hope your loved one has a big appetite.

Sweetheart steaks

In the mood for romance ... and meat?Stop & Shop

Does your loved one fancy a prime cut of meat? If so, ditch the vase and get them a rose-shaped steak they can eat. On Feb. 14 and 15, Northeast grocer Stop & Shop will sell sirloin roses for $8 per pound.

Cupcake and Berry Bouquets

Roses are red, cupcakes are delicious.Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop will also be selling Berry Bouquets over Valentine's Day weekend, which include six chocolate-dipped strawberries presented on skewers and red-frosted cupcake bouquets that resemble a half-dozen roses (both items retail for $10). On Feb. 14, the store will host a hands-on Valentine's gift-making workshop where shoppers can decorate fully dipped berries with sprinkles and other toppings.

Olive Garden's breadstick bouquet

Unlimited breadsticks equal unlimited love. Olive Garden

These breadsticks might not be unlimited, but they sure are beautiful. In 2019, the Italian chain offered a free, downloadable printout so folks could wrap up their own Olive Garden-themed carb-filled bouquets. But this year, customers can buy bouquets pre-made when they purchase the $35 Valentine's Day ToGo Dinner for Two. They can also get a box of chocolate mints because, well, that whole garlic and kissing thing.

Chipotle Strawberry Bouquets

Indulge in some strawberries and turn up the heat. Edible Arrangements

When plain chocolate-covered strawberries don't turn up the heat enough, maybe a little chipotle seasoning will. Edible Arrangements crafted its Burning Love Bouquet, a vase full of semisweet chocolate-dipped strawberries topped with spicy chipotle chili flakes alongside pineapple hearts and red grapes with heat seekers in mind. A small vase costs $60 and a large is $78.

Salami bouquet

You're the salami to my cheese.Hickory Farms

Is your valentine a fan of cured meat? If so, Hickory Farms prepared a pairing of three dry salamis: Original Dry Salami, Three Pepper Dry Salami and Truffle Dry Salami. Each savory stick is wrapped up festively in red tissue paper and accented with a ribbon. A set is $49.

Heart-shaped DIY bagel bouquet

Who needs flowers when there are bagels?Einstein Bros. Bagels

For everyone wants to show their love first thing in the morning, Einstein Bros. Bagels has a solution: heart-shaped bagels. Starting Feb. 10, these doughy delights will be available at Einstein shops across the country. When ornamented with some colorful tissue paper and foliage in a vase, plate or basket, this morning staple might transform your love life.

Pickle bouquet

This gift will have your valentine saying, "I'm pickled pink."Grillo's Pickles

Last year, Grillo's Pickles showed TODAY Food how to make pickle bouquets from scratch, and this year, they're making it even simpler. Available online, Grillo's DIY pickle bouquet kits cost $25 (plus tax and shipping). The kits include wooden skewers, floral foam, floral tissue paper, a cellophane bag, ribbon, artificial floral filler (don't eat this part, please), an empty Grillo’s container to use as a vase, a card for the recipient, instructions and a coupon for a fresh jar of Grillo’s pickles from your go-to grocery store (including Target and Walmart).

And don't forget to reserve the brine. There are plenty of recipes that use pickle juice to enhance flavor and romantic feelings.

"Bae-by" back ribs bouquet

This one's for all the baes out there.Boston Market

Available only on Feb. 14 while supplies last, anyone with a lot of heart and a hearty appetite will be able to snag a whole bouquet of Boston Market's latest menu offering: Baby Back ribs, or "Bae-by" back ribs, if you're trying to be hip. Each arrangement includes a dozen ribs smothered in barbecue sauce for $30.

Très romantique!