6 frighteningly fantastic Halloween desserts

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Pastry chef Elise Strachan of My Cupcake Addiction shares a feast of frighteningly fantastic Halloween dessert recipes from her new cookbook 'Sweet! Celebrations.'

Frankenstein Cheesecakes
Slime-Filled Spiders for Halloween
Eyeball Milkshakes for Halloween
Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Elise Strachan
'Light Up' Chocolate Brownie Pumpkins
Witches' Cauldron Punch

Bonus decorating tip: How to make bleeding candles

Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY

You'll need: White and black pillar candles; red candles or sealing wax

Here's how:

1. Use a warmed spoon to scrape out a portion in the center of each pillar candle. Make it about 1 inch deep, but leave 1/2 inch around the outside edges.

2. Place the pillar candles onto a sheet of parchment paper.

3. Light the red candle or sealing wax and allow the wax to dribble onto the pillar candles, pooling a little in the center, dripping over the edges, and eventually pooling a little at the bottom.

4. Trim the wick so it's not more than 1/2 inch long.