50 Cent dishes on the toughest junk food to give up


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By Vidya Rao

Put that cupcake down! Rapper (slash fitness fiend) 50 Cent demands it.

The buff Grammy winner is currently promoting his fitness and nutrition guide “Formula 50,” which promises a whole new you in 6 weeks.

In a trailer for the book, 50 shares his take on why the evil cupcake will be our demise.

“People who start diets fail because they do it like it’s a side activity. Next thing you know …you just put the calories right back in you cause you decided to have a cupcake,” he deadpans. “Why’d you have to have cupcakes?”

Cupcakes are no match for the man who survived being shot several times. But 50, we said, surely there is some unhealthy food you miss eating?

“Pizza from New York City,” he told TODAY.com. “We got the best pizza out here.”

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While he doesn't eat there anymore thanks to his nutritionist, 50 says his favorite place to get a slice was Margherita Pizza in his old Jamaica, Queens neighborhood.

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Making it big in the industry led to a rigorous travel schedule and unhealthy eating habits on the road, and 50 says he soon realized he was getting too big for his britches. He hired a trainer and nutritionist in 2005.

“I had gotten big, too big – I looked like the security,” he said. "[My nutritionist] was so anal with the things he asked me to do, the adjustment was extreme.”

In addition to giving up pizza, 50 said his new lifestyle no longer allows for any other drinks besides water and pre- and post-workout shakes.

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“No juice, soda anything like that,” he said. “You may eat the right food and be drinking all your carbs, four or five cans of juice or soda throughout the day.”

Nowadays, he counts Energy Kitchen among his favorite places to get a quick, healthy bite and says that even those who are broke (as he once was) can afford to eat healthy with a little planning.

“You can take cold cuts to make your lunch instead of eating fast food, it’s all about disciplining yourself," he said. "You just have to take the time to prepare.”

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