5 recipes to turn bagged slaw into crave-worthy meals

Casey Barber

Let's be honest: sometimes a salad made with lettuce leaves us a little, well, limp. For those of us who'd rather have a lot of crunch in every bite, there's a whole world of pre-shredded slaw mixes—broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and more—that substitute superbly for lettuce. But what can you do with them beyond basic slaw dressing?

You can try one of these salad suggestions on for size, tossing grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruit with bagged slaw mix and your favorite dressing for a salad that's filling enough to be a meal. Feel free to switch out our slaw suggestions for your favorite kind if you want. Each slaw salad serves four people, so grab a fork and some friends or family and dig in!