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Fully loaded: 5 Super Bowl-worthy potato skin recipes you need in your life

Easy potato skins
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By Lexi Dwyer

There's a reason why potato skins have been a go-to party snack for decades: They're inexpensive, simple to make and, once you add meat and cheese, become a satisfying mini-meal for your guests.

Although the traditional cheddar-chive mash-up is certainly delicious, the mild-tasting, versatile potato pairs well with dozens of other flavor combinations. The list below includes spuds variations based on snacks like pizza and cheeseburgers, and whether you say "puh-TEY-to" or "puh-TA-to," you're sure to find a recipe you love.


1. Pizza potato skins: Turns out a potato is the perfect canvas for pizza ingredients like pepperoni, basil and oregano. Blogger Ashley Wagner keeps the presentation neat by serving the tomato sauce on the side for dipping.


2. Shepherd's pie potato skins: With these piled-high spuds, which evoke hearty pub fare, you won't be left wondering what do with the leftover scooped-out potato — it simply gets mashed with milk and butter and added back in. If you aren't a pro at piping, blogger Nagi Maehashi says you can get a similar ridged effect by fluffing the potato with a fork. 


3. Garlicky and cheesy crispy potato skins: Blogger Katerina Petrovska wants readers to know that Diethood, the name of her blog, refers not to cutting calories but rather "the sum of the food consumed by yours truly." Made with garlic croutons and three types of cheese, her crispy spuds are reminiscent of warm garlic bread. The secret to getting them perfectly crunchy? Bake them in three individual sessions: First whole, then just the bottom shells and finally with the filling inside. 


4. Burger potato skins with bacon and blue cheese: Blogger Morgan Eisenberg likes to serve these skins, which are made with blue cheese, jalepeños, ground beef and caramelized onions, alongside buffalo wings. With such an intense combination of flavors, the potato becomes almost secondary, which is exactly the point.


5. Easy potato skins: Here's why blogger Jamielyn Nye believes in cutting her potatoes into rounds, rather than using the skins to hold the filling: "I find [them] much easier … because you don’t have to scoop out the potatoes. You also get a lot more out of one potato," she writes of her classic recipe that blends cheddar, bacon and scallions. Bonus: The sturdy slices are easy to grab and eat when you can't take your eyes off the game.