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Keep your cookout quick and easy with 5-ingredient chicken, potatoes and dessert

Save time and serve up big flavor with 5-ingredient spicy grilled chicken, cheesy stuffed potatoes and red, white and blue angel food cake.
/ Source: TODAY

Just in time for Memorial Day, celebrity chef Sunny Anderson shares her quick and easy 5-ingredient (or fewer!) grilling recipes. She shows us how to make juicy grilled chicken with a sweet and sour glaze, cheese and bacon topped grilled potatoes and red, white and blue grilled angel food cake with fresh berries and sweet whipped cream.

Four ingredients for the win! Just honey, chicken, red chili flakes and apple cider vinegar. The word "brine" is in the title because it's very important when grilling in dry heat, especially on cuts of meat with no bone or skin.

Boiling the potatoes first solves two problems; you can prep them ahead and it makes the spuds nice and fluffy! This happens when the moisture infused from boiling works to evaporate and escape during the grilling process. It creates air pockets and that means fluffy potatoes!

This as easy as it gets and is a classic. I've made this so many times, it's a VERY simple crowd pleaser! the fun, simple strawberry syrup is great for the home cook to learn and easy to use in many other dishes.

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