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5 giant Costco desserts with cult-like followings

Costco's wildly popular pumpkin pie is back, along with a bunch of larger-than-life goodies perfect for parties.
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Get into the holiday spirit with these deliciously decadent desserts. Getty Images
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If you host a gathering without serving dessert, did it even really happen?

The next time you throw a party, don't leave guests feeling like they missed out on something special. Spoil friends and family with something worth the calorie splurge. Of course, you don't have to break the bank to keep everyone satisfied. While it's difficult to beat a perfect homemade apple pie, Costco's delicious desserts come pretty close.

The members-only warehouse club knows how popular its desserts are, especially during the holiday months. It's barely October and the internet is already buzzing about the return of Costco's pumpkin pie, which weighs a whopping 4 pounds.

Here are a few classics guaranteed to make you the hostesss with the mostess. Or, if you show up to a party with one, you'll definitely be crowned the favorite guest.

Kirkland Signature Tiramisu Bar Cake

Traditionalists and professional Italian chefs may cringe at the idea of Costco's nearly 2.5-pound version of this beloved classic. But that shouldn't stop anyone from trying it. This nearly 2-foot-long chocolate, coffee and ladyfinger cake is where quantity and quality collide. According to one Costco food critic, it tastes even better than some tiramisu desserts she's had in Italy. The Tiramisu Bar Cake retails for around $16 and is available in select stores. Look for it in the freezer section and serve it chilled.

Kirkland Signature Pumpkin Pie


This monster is just under $6 and you get 58 ounces of pie (that's 12 servings, according to its packaging). It's harder to bake a pumpkin pie from scratch for less. Costco's pumpkin pies, which have been made the same way since the mid 1980s, are usually available from early September through December. Call ahead to make sure your store has them on hand since they tend to go faster than the store's free samples. Note that the exact price varies by store. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to get a pie delivered via Instacart.

Kirkland Signature 12-inch Cheesecake

National Cheesecake Day may fall in July, but cheesecake is a quintessential dessert that can be easily customized for any holiday. If your local store doesn't have Costco's seasonal Harvest Spice Cheesecake, consider buying one of these enormous 5-pound cheesecakes that are available year-round. Dress it up by adding fresh fruit or homemade syrups made with your favorite fall spices. The cake, which serves 16, costs around $18.

David’s Cookies Mile-High Peanut Butter Cake

David's Cookies Mile High Peanut Butter Cake
This cake clocks in at almost 7 pounds. Costco

Regardless of the season, it's hard to go wrong serving any type of dessert made with chocolate and peanut butter. This treat, which boasts nearly 7 pounds of chocolate cake, fudge brownie pieces, peanut butter mousse and toppings, is any Reese's lovers dream. This fudgy cake may only be 10 inches in diameter, but it's tall enough to satisfy a crowd of 14 (or 28, if you halve the pre-cut slices which each clock in at 770 calories). It's available online for $50 (including shipping) and comes packed in dry ice.

Kirkland Signature All-American Chocolate Cake

Many chocoholics will agree that the cake from the movie "Matilda" is pretty much the ultimate goal when it comes to chocolate desserts. Costco's version is one of the biggest chocolate cakes you can easily find without having to put in a custom order at your local bakery. For about $17, you get 7 pounds of chocolate with seven layers of moist cake covered by a rich chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings. It might not be the first dessert that comes to mind when you think of fall entertaining, but it might just be the first to go.