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Avoid produce with pesticides by cooking with the 'Clean 15' fruits and vegetables

Cook cleaner and healthier with low-pesticide fruits and vegetables in these 4 quick and easy recipes from registered dietitian Wendy Bazilian.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, not all are created equal. They have different looks and tastes, have a diversity of nutritional contents and they are all grown with varying amounts of pesticides.

Based on close to 39,000 tests of 47 fruits and vegetables, the Environmental Working Group created a 2018 "Clean 15" guide, whose goal is to help shoppers navigate the produce section and reduce their exposure to pesticides in their foods. The "Clean 15" are fruits and vegetables grown which are conventionally found to be least likely to contain pesticide residues according to USDA data.

With only 1 in 10 Americans meeting their daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables, helping point people toward ways they can feel good about consuming more produce is essential. These delicious and nutritious recipes feature nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables from the "Clean 15" list like avocados, sweet corn, mangoes, melon, frozen sweet peas, cabbage, cauliflower, pineapple and more, along with other tasty and nutritious ingredients in delicious combinations that you can enjoy throughout the day.

The flavors of the fresh ingredients meld beautifully to create a creamy and refreshing smoothie that's not overly sweet. You can feel good about the quality nutrition from potassium in cantaloupe and avocado, vitamin C from mangoes, heart healthy fats from avocado, protein and essential nutrients from Greek yogurt and milk. A hint of ginger and squeeze of lime connect all the delectable parts!

This is a terrific side featuring trendy and tasty turmeric. It can also be a complete and satisfying vegetarian meal by adding a whole grain on the side. This recipe can transition from season to season or based on what's available in the markets. And it's pretty enough to serve to company but easy enough for an everyday recipe.

Pineapple brings sweetness to the crunchy slaw and the walnuts add an extra layer of texture and flavor. Cabbage is an extremely nutritious vegetable and the pineapple and walnuts add additional vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, healthy fats and fiber. It's so easy to make ahead and store in the fridge. And this simple slaw only gets better and better with time!

Simple Spring Asparagus

It's in the name: simple! For the spring season's darling asparagus, you don't need to do much to make it shine. Adding lemon juice right before serving provides a special brightness that makes the asparagus pop.

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