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Jeff Mauro shares 4 fabulous cocktails to toast the holidays

The Food Network star showcases wonderful, winter-themed drinks for every palate.
/ Source: TODAY

Some would say that a holiday party without great cocktails is like a gift without wrapping paper. Sure, it's not bad, but why not go the distance and make it truly fabulous?

That's where Jeff Mauro, the host of Food Network's "Sandwich King," steps in with four wintry libations suitable for all partygoers' palates.

"These drinks stand out because they offer a new spin on old classics," Mauro tells Megyn Kelly TODAY. "They are all so satisfying that you really only need to indulge in one (maybe two) during the evening.

His words of wisdom: drink wisely. "There are two camps of holiday consumers: those that indulge in everything put in front of them and those that indulge in moderation, thus preventing their waistline from expanding exponentially," says Mauro.

Off-White Christmas

This drink is creamy, yet balanced and the speckling of vanilla and the warm spices are the perfect exclamation point.

Pomegranate Mezcal Martini

I love the martini because I am in love with Mezcal. It’s smoky and complex flavor profile is perfect for a fireside post-dinner couch session.

Hot Ginger Cider Toddy

The ginger toddy is a bone-warming tummy hug that could quite possibly cure a majority of winter ailments. It’s like a flu shot for your soul.

Mint Chocolate Egg Nog

I Love egg nog, but really, I can only drink one a night. Why not make that one special?