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4 Christmas cookie hacks to make the best holiday treats and fix your mistakes

Make the best holiday cookies with these 4 smart Christmas cookie hacks, including the easiest way ever for how to fix burned cookies.
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CafeMom contributor Nacia Walsh shares her tricks for making the prettiest and tastiest Christmas cookies and other holiday cookies, how to keep your cookies fresh and how to fix the ones you messed up!

Hack 1: Use an infant syringe to ice your cookies with precision

An infant syringe (the type that comes with liquid medication such as Tylenol) is the perfect tool to frost and decorate cookies for more precise detailing, especially if you want to use several colors on the same cookie: Rather than needing many bags of color with many different sized tips, this allows you to carefully detail your gingerbread men, stars, Santas, and more. The syringes are perfect for little hands, so they are great for kids to use for decorating. Just use a slightly thinner than normal frosting and add your favorite colors. To clean up, simply soak the syringes in hot water and soap and store for future use.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Nacia Walsh

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Hack 2: Keep cookies fresh with fruit

To prevent cookies from going stale, keep a few apple wedges in the plastic storage container with the cookies (the wedges can go on top of the cookies or next to them). The cookies absorb some of the apple's moisture, which allows them to keep for longer. Just remember to swap out the wedges on a daily basis.

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Hack 3: Save burnt cookies with a grater or microplane

Cookies get burned on the underside? If it's too late to make another batch, just grate off the brown parts with a grater or microplane zester!

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Hack 4: Grab a doily to decorate desserts

Sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa powder through a doily or piece of lace for a magical and pretty lace-like design. You can use a lace doily from home or buy one from a craft store — paper ones work too. This trick works on all sorts of cookies, brownies and cakes, as long as the surface is cool, smooth and dry. You'll want to use a sieve or strainer for the sugar or cocoa to get an even design. Do a test run on your counter or a plate before sprinkling cookies or cakes. For best results, decorate just before serving so the sugar doesn't soak into the dessert.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies