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3 smart kitchen hacks for making and using pies

Simplify your pie-making game with these great food hack ideas from Justin Chapple.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Justin Chapple, the test kitchen pro behind Food & Wine's Mad Genius Tips, shares pie-themed food hacks for apple pie milkshakes, make-ahead apple pie filling and how to peel peaches, the easy way.

Pie Hack #1: Make a leftover apple pie milkshake

You'll want to bake up a bunch of pies just so you can have this treat!

Here's how: In a blender, combine leftover apple pie, vanilla ice cream, apple cider and apple jack (optional).

Pie Hack #2: Freeze apple pie filling

Too many apples from apple picking? Don't want them go to waste. Prepare and freeze your apple pie filling.

Here's how: In a large one gallon zip-top bag, add peeled and thinly slice apples and pie ingredients (sugar, nutmeg, flour, cinnamon, and salt). Seal and freeze until you're ready to bake your pie.

Pie Hack #3: Peel peaches, the easy way

You'll be filling up your pies and cobblers with the juicy fruit in no time thanks to this smart trick.

Here's how: Cut a small "X" in bottom of the skin of each peach to make it easier to peel. Place the peaches in boiling water for about 45 seconds. Remove and immediately place in an ice bath (a bowl filled with cold water and ice) to stop the cooking process. Remove the peaches as soon as they're cool enough to handle and the skin will come off in seconds.